About Us

5YLE (pronounced file) is the simplest possible transition of Medical Consultation to an Intelligent Digital Universe.

about us

How we got started

Once upon a time, there was a doctor hopping across his clinics, wishing to find a solution that would simplify the routine tasks involved in medical practice. He went far and wide in his quest for the perfect solution that would understand what a doctor really needs.

Through the maze of technology, he met a hermit like software engineer who lit up the path with his business intelligence skills and expertise. Together they embarked to fulfil their vision that has materialized into the first of it's kind integrated healthcare ecosystem - an integral part of which is 5YLE.

This was the beginning and the journey continues ...


Some of the thoughtfully designed evolutionary features.

Case Records

Specialty customized forms with relevant fields & doctor centric tools. Type or instantly upload handwritten notes.


Whenever patients call, our Capsule gives you One Tap summary of critical patient details, instantly. It assists even if you miss a call and also after a call is complete.

Medico Legal

Deep integration of MedicoLegal assistance at right time, right place in case records. Browse full compilation of regularly updated guidelines & legal proceedings.


Get insights of your practice with integrated analytics that just works. It keeps becoming better each time you use the application


Adapts to Doctor’s preference. FCFS or By Appointment. ToDo list and events, all at a glance. Easy scheduling across multiple locations.


Stay ahead with specialty relevant news, journals and medicolegal proceedings. Regularly updated and delivered.


Somethings we are glad we had the foresight for and some other things that are just awesome.

100% Free Trial

Zero cost. Try it like you own it. No restrictions – Full access to all features. No Ads.

High Availability

Offline or Online. Web or Mobile. In Clinic or In Transit. Access Patient Records, Securely, Anytime, at your finger-tips.

Fully Responsive

Don’t be tied by device size or screen resolution. Mobile, Tablet, Netbook, Laptop – Size does not matter. Web version adapts to your screen. Instantly.

Free Support & Updates

We offer a free, top notch support for all our products on our dedicated support board where our support staff will be glad to help with any of your enquiries.

Made with Love in India

A product made with dedication and passion to serve the healthcare system. Made by Indian engineers and doctors, from the grounds-up. In India.

Eco Friendly

We do care for nature. Ability to consult 100% paperless. Compatible across devices – decreases e-wastage. Digital evolution but not at the cost of Nature.

Retina Display

Ready for the future. Ready for the best. Ready to perform at the max.

Safe & Secure

Industry standard encryption. Smart yet thoughtful security protocols in place.

Everything for everyone.

No price based restrictions. All features available. Right from the start. Simplified utility. Maximized productivity.

Get in Touch

Queries, Concerns, Feedback? Mail us at connect@5yle.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.