Refund Policy

We are committed to providing the best possible combination of Product, Pricing, Service and Support for our Clients.

However, in the rare instance that you wish to claim a refund for the subscription pack you have paid for, feel free to write to us at

Refund process upon cancellation of subscription and services related to 5YLE will be governed under the following conditions

  1. ekinwise technologies pvt. ltd. holds the right to decide the amount, if any, of refund.
  2. Subscriber shall have to submit a request for returns, in writing, to ekinwise technologies pvt. ltd.
  3. Refund shall be given only if the reason for cancellation is deemed as plausible and valid by ekinwise
  4. Refund shall be given only if the active subscription has more than 90 days validity before expiry.
  5. Refund shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  6. The refund amount will be credited as per ekinwise policies.
  7. The refund amount will not include any discounts or vouchers redeemed at the time of subscription
  8. Refund amount cannot be claimed in cash
  9. Refund amount is non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged.
  10. ValU Points are non-refundable and are governed by the T&C of ValU points
  11. The decision of ekinwise shall be final and binding.

Any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this policy is governed by the Terms & Conditions of ekinwise.