Exclusive Admin Dashboard

Unified, simplified single license for multiple users. All features in one subscription. Transparent. In your control.

Every subscription license gives you the freedom to comfortably manage all your assistant doctors and receptionists and up to 5 doctors.

Simply add or remove users, whenever you want. No hassles of lengthy permissions or emailing for support.


Never lose track of your bottom-line. Know of your unpaid fees, receipts and transactions in a jiffy.

Customize the system to suit you, not vice-versa. Disable the entire module at one touch.

LID – Live Information Display

Stay aware of your clinic waiting room’s status.

Be on top of the activities related to your patients and the clinic.

Anytime. Just one swipe away.


Be surprised with intuitive controls and buttons.

Be delighted with simplicity experienced never before.

Roll along the learning curve line with an immersive, engaging user experience.

Help at hand

Extensive Contextual Help available on-the-fly, written by doctors, for doctors.

Suggest features you want, get rewarded.

Get calls for support and help, not for marketing and advertisement.

Better Healthcare = Happier Patients

LY5E (pronounced life) a Dedicated FREE (no ads, no hidden charges) App for Patients to download and use.

Eliminate the ‘forgot my file’ problem. Decrease duplication and paper work.

Sync records of your choice with the patients. Get access to prior consultations and diagnostic data instantaneously.

Get more done. Better. Faster.

Get geographically relevant endemic and epidemic updates.

Manage multiple clinics across locations as well as improve efficiency of every clinic and its doctors.

Grow along with the integrated health care ecosystem and be a part of the digital evolution of medical practice in India.